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Nyalic Automotive Kit I
Nyalic Automotive Kit I
Nyalic Automotive Kit I
Nyalic Automotive Kit I
Nyalic Automotive Kit I

Nyalic Automotive Kit I

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Nyalic® is a water-clear, ultra-thin polymeric resin that seals painted and bare metal surfaces, as well as plastic surfaces. The coating forms a high-tech shield that protects for many years against moisture, oxidation, acids and a host of corrosive chemical pollutants that stain and corrode vehicles. Nyalic is proven for a range of surfaces including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze; anodized, galvanised and chromed metals; polished, milled or brushed finishes; painted surfaces; fibreglass and plastic; electrical and mechanical connections. Nyalic® is ideal for new and classic cars, 4X4s, motorbikes, off-roaders, tractors and farm equipment; vans and commercial vehicles, construction and materials handling equipment.

Nyalic® will protect your vehicle against acid rain, road spray containing corrosive chemicals like residual road deicers (salt or liquid chlorides), farm fertilizers and even salt laden sea air.

Nyalic® clearcoat surface protectant lasts for years and can put the worry free fun back into driving your vehicle. Simply wash the contaminated surfaces with a mild detergent in warm water and a soft bristle brush, rinse well and dry… no buffing no polishing!

Nyalic was developed for the Apollo Space Program to protect the interior surfaces of the Apollo space capsules as well as the Lunar Rover. It is a thermoplastic that lasts for years - not a wax or polish - and it never requires buffing. Nyalic is thermally stable to 177 degrees C and flexes without cracking well below zero degrees. It is highly UV resistant so it will not yellow, flake or peel when properly applied.

Take a look at the ASTM tests results to learn more about Nyalic’s strengths (click here).

Use Nyalic for:
• Body off restorations – bare metal connectors, fittings and hardware, painted components, electrical connections (seals out moisture & corrosion), frame, suspension, drive train, and mechanical connections, floor pans, fender wells, doors, interior metal components.
• Bare Metal – wheels, chrome parts, and brightwork, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, copper, magnesium, and brass.
• Under the hood – engine and components (except high temperature exhaust manifolds), electrical connections, wiring harnesses.
• Other – rubber hoses, wiring, and plastic parts.

If you get a deep scratch or scuff in your Nyalic coating, it is easily repaired with a Nyalic aerosol. Nyalic is self-leveling and blends with the existing coating to form a blemish free repair.

Nyalic® Automotive Kit I gives coverage up to 6.5m² (70ft²) and is suitable for small coating projects, repair of deep scratches or damage to the coating.
Kit contents are:
• 2 X Nyalic® 118ml aerosols
• 1 X Simple Prep™ (degreaser) 118ml
• 1 X Right Rinse™ (cleanser) 118ml
• 1 X Tuff Prep™ (micro abrasive gel) 118ml
• 1 X Nitrile Gloves (pair)
• 1 X White Non-linting Towel

Check out our range of Nyalic Automotive Kits that are sized for your specific project. Nyalic Automotive Kits include complete instructions and everything that you need to achieve professional results.

Due to the hazardous classification of Nyalic, this product CANNOT be sent by Royal Mail or Airmail. UK Mainland orders can be placed online in the normal way (for courier delivery). For all other destinations (including NI, Ireland, Channel Islands and all other Worldwide destinations), please call 01780 721470 or email info@spautopia.co.uk for a shipping quotation.

  How do I apply Nyalic?

Full and comprehensive instructions on surface preparation and application are included in your Nyalic Automotive Kit I (Touch-Up Kit). Repairs are easy, too, as Nyalic is self-levelling and blends with the existing coating.

  Will Nyalic change or dull the appearance of the metal I want to coat?

After coating, mirror-finished metals won’t lose their gloss and unpainted metals look freshly polished. Nyalic prevents fingerprints and smudges on stainless steel and polished metals.

  Will Nyalic restore my vehicle’s faded plastic parts?

Nyalic seals and protects plastics and fibreglass from oxidation and can restore oxidized plastic and fibreglass to near new gloss levels and prevents reoxidation.

Before coating with Nyalic (pic left) 

After coating with Nyalic (pic right)




  How do I clean and maintain a Nyalic coating?

Download instructions on cleaning and maintaining a Nyalic coating (click here).

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