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Purex Wheels 500ml
Purex Wheels 500ml

Purex Wheels 500ml

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PureX Wheels is a pioneering three-in-one wheel treatment that cleans, seals and protects using revolutionary surface technology. It is tough on brake dust and grime, gentle enough for everyday use* and is silicone and wax free. Non abrasive and phosphate-free, PureX Wheels is suitable for cleaning and protecting all types of wheels, including alloy, polished, chrome, painted, steel and wire wheels. Its fast cleaning action leaves wheels streak-free and gleaming.

AquaXpel Technology
AquaXpel Technology seals and protects the wheel’s surface during cleaning. Microbeads fill all the pores and surface imperfections and create an aquaphobic barrier that helps prevent road grime, dirt and brake dust sticking. And unlike wax and polymer coatings which fade rapidly and lose performance due to light and heat sensitivity, PureX Wheels remains active after application. This causes a self cleaning effect, helping to reduce cleaning time and giving long-lasting results that improve with continued application. PureX Wheels is safe, water based and uses biodegradable surfactants. It is free of oxalic acid, NTA, EDTA, HEDTA and contains no alkyl phenol ethoxylates.

PureX Wheels is quick and simple to apply – spray on, agitate with a soft wheel brush, paintbrush, cloth or mitt if necessary, then rinse off thoroughly with clean water.

*PureX Wheels is ideal for everyday use. For old and severe build-ups of brake dust, dirt and grime, we recommend treatment with Spautopia’s Restore wheel cleaner first.


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