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W6+ Premium Car Wax 1L
W6+ Premium Car Wax 1L
W6+ Premium Car Wax 1L
W6+ Premium Car Wax 1L
W6+ Premium Car Wax 1L

W6+ Premium Car Wax 1L

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Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts W6+ Premium Car Wax is a unique and particularly effective paint protection. Natural Carnauba Wax and high gloss synthetic compounds will permanently protect the paint and leave a bright and natural shine. Tiny non-visible nano-wax particles cover and fill micro-scratches, ensuring a perfect and sleek paint surface.

W6+ is a liquid wax and is incredibly quick and easy to apply and absolutely simple to wipe or polish off, even on dark colours or when the vehicle’s surface is hot. It creates virtually no product residue. If you are looking for a cost effective, high performance wax that is simplicity itself to apply and provides serious protection, this is it! W6+ leaves a superb shine and gives long-lasting results (approximately 6+ months, depending on the use of your vehicle).

Cut: Microfine  Gloss: Extreme  Protection Level: Brilliant

 Size: 1 Litre

How do I apply W6+ Premium Car Wax by hand?

For efficient application by hand, distribute W6+ evenly and in a circular motion on the surface. For best results use a Scholl Concepts Black Wax/Dressing Hand Puck. Apply W6+ sparingly - a little goes a long, long way. Let it dry and wipe off any residue with a soft and clean microfibre cloth. We recommend Scholl Concepts own Red MicroPLUS Cloth or the award winning Spautopia Soft Polishing Cloth.

W6+ is recommended for conventional and scratch-resistant, fresh and used paintwork.

Is W6+ suitable for application by machine polisher?

Scholl Concepts W6+ Premium Car Wax is suitable for application by rotary (1500-2000 RPM) and dual action (2000-10000 RPM) polishing machines. Use the Scholl Concepts Orange Pad for machine application.

Can W6+ be applied to heavily or medium scratched paintwork?

We recommend the use of a heavy or medium cut compound, such as S3 Gold or S17+, prior to use of W6+ to ensure a sleek and perfect paint finish prior to protecting the surface with W6+ Premium Car Wax.


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