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Polishing Accessories
Backing pads and plates, interface pads, polish dispenser bottles, polish racks and teats for 5 litre polish dispensing and other useful polishing accessories from Scholl Concepts and Spautopia.
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CF02 Clay & Finish Fluid 500ml
Scholl Concepts CF02 Clay & Finish Fluid is ideal for cleaning and degreasing o..
Ex Tax: £10.46
iQ-Puck 2-in-1 Hand Applicator
Scholl Concepts iQ-PUCK 2-in-1 Hand Applicator is a handy and intelligent two-in-one tool for man..
Ex Tax: £20.61
Pad Cleaning Brush
Scholl Concepts Pad Cleaning Brush to aid cleaning of foam polishing pads after use. ..
Ex Tax: £10.08
Scholl Concepts Apron
This classy detailing Apron from Scholl Concepts is a one-size-fits-all grey detailing apron to p..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Ultimate Blade
The Ultimate Blade is a professional paint shaver in high tech ceramic material. This 'cutti..
Ex Tax: £51.95
Crazy Car Mop
Scholl Concepts' Crazy Car Mop has an extremely fine and compact microfibre cover for streak..
Ex Tax: £17.67
Polish Dispenser Bottle 250ml
Scholl Concepts 250ml Polish Dispenser Bottle has a resealable lid and slick nozzle for ..
Ex Tax: £3.90
Polish Dispenser Bottle 500ml
Scholl Concepts 500ml Polish Dispenser Bottle has a resealable lid and slick nozzle for ..
Ex Tax: £4.03
Hand Backup Pad 125mm
Scholl Concepts Hand Backup Pad is a flexible backing pad for manual polishing or sanding. S..
Ex Tax: £18.17
Polish Dispenser Rack
Scholl Concepts Polish Dispenser Rack is a high quality, metal polish dispense..
Ex Tax: £29.55
Polish Dispenser Teat
Scholl Concepts Polish Dispenser Teat is a non-drip, no mess and no waste dispenser..
Ex Tax: £36.27
White Hand Puck
Polish like a pro, but without a costly polishing machine. The Scholl Concepts White Hand Polishi..
Ex Tax: £3.58
SP Wonderspray 500ml
 SP Wonderspray is a safe but high performance multi-purpose cleaner, ideal for vehicle inte..
Ex Tax: £4.50
SP Wonderspray 5L
SP Wonderspray is a safe but high performance multi-purpose cleaner, ideal for vehicle int..
Ex Tax: £15.79
Sanding Bloc Kit
A 28mm universal sanding bloc designed for use with the self adhesive mini disc daisies ..
Ex Tax: £8.42