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Isopropyl Alcohol 100% IPA Cleaning Wipes 50-Pack
Isopropyl Alcohol 100% IPA Cleaning Wipes 50-Pack

Isopropyl Alcohol 100% IPA Cleaning Wipes 50-Pack

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SP 100% IPA Wipes are lint-freeand contain 100% pure isopropyl alcohol (also known as IPA, isopropanol or iso-propanol) for surface preparation prior to adhesive bonding and for general purpose cleaning and degreasing.

IPA wipes are used for cleaning in controlled environments because of their enhanced ability to clean a wide range of contamination from critical surfaces, and the isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly. They will remove dust, grease and fingerprints, and are extremely effective on stainless steel. Safe on most plastics, these pre-saturated IPA wipes have found a huge variety of uses in surface prepartion, general cleaning and degreasing.

Also ideal for cleaning composites, glass and metal surfaces prior to painting; computers, photocopiers and office equipment; digital printers and print heads; DVDs, CDs, etc.

Pre-saturated IPA Wipes are very convenient and effective with each wipe containing an optimal amount of solvent for the cleaning task. Pre-saturated wipes replace dispensing bottles and glass containers, and minimise user exposure, improving health and safety. The 26cm X 20cm wipes resist tears and hold their strength even when wet. They are non-abrasive and packed in a resealable pack to prevent drying out.
Isopropyl alcohol (IPA or isopropanol) is the solvent of choice for the final preparation, cleaning and degreasing of all substrates prior to adhesive bonding. It is useful for the cleaning up of many uncured adhesives, sealants and resins.
Safe on plastics. Rapidly evaporating. Zero residue. Non abrasive.
Each wipe is approximately 260mm X 200mm.
Size: 50 wipes in a resealable pack.
Cleaning applications:

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