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ScratchShield Bucket Filter System
ScratchShield Bucket Filter System
ScratchShield Bucket Filter System
ScratchShield Bucket Filter System
ScratchShield Bucket Filter System

ScratchShield Bucket Filter System

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The ScratchShield Bucket Filter System creates a protective barrier in the bottom of your car wash bucket to prevent you picking up dirt and debris as you wash your vehicle, reducing your chances of scratching and damaging paintwork. This quality grit guard is designed to fit in most buckets, so you can use your existing buckets*.

The ScratchShield Bucket Filter System can be adjusted to ensure a good and stable fit into your chosen bucket, reducing the chances of it tipping over. Its swirl pattern and legs act as “baffle plates” to reduce the chance of creating a “vortex” and moving the trapped dirt and debris above the shield.

Vehicle owners can now use “the two-bucket method wash and rinse” (see our Advice section for details) method without breaking the bank.

The ScratchShield comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, is manufactured in the UK and is available in Red, Blue or Black.

*What size buckets will the ScratchShield fit?

Fits buckets from diameter 238mm measured 65mm up from the base.

How do I assemble the ScratchShield?

Place the ScratchShield in the CENTRE of your bucket upside down, with the leg location pins facing upwards. Next, position the legs 1, 2, 3 & 4 CLOCKWISE to touch your bucket sides. Do not press firmly until you have a good fit.

What are the benefits of using a ScratchShield?

Helps prevent scratches by creating a protective shield within your bucket and eliminating dirt, grit and debris from being transferred back onto your sponge or mitt.

Keeps your water cleaner using the combination of the spiral pattern in the ScratchShield and the raised legs to reduce dirt, grit and debris from re-circulating above the ScratchShield.

Creates a defence barrier: use your sponge or wash mitt to agitate against the surface of the shield to free it from contamination.

Fits most buckets*, so you can use your existing bucket.

Top tips when using a ScratchShield

1. Always keep the ScratchShield central.

2. To make any fine adjustments, the legs can be repositioned clockwise/anti-clockwise in another set of location pins, but always keep the legs in a clockwise order.

3. When you are happy with the position of the legs, turn over the ScratchShield and press down on the top to lock the legs into place.

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