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NEO Polymer Protection 5L
NEO Polymer Protection 5L
NEO Polymer Protection 5L
NEO Polymer Protection 5L
NEO Polymer Protection 5L

NEO Polymer Protection 5L

Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts NEO Polymer Protection is a unique, high class polymer gloss sealant for almost every exterior vehicle surface. It features an outstanding resistance to atmospheric conditions, especially on unpainted surfaces like vinyl or glass. Thanks to a highly innovative polymer formula, treated surfaces will have a semi-gloss and sealed finish that will last for many months.

NEO Polymer Protection is bodyshop friendly as it is hydrocarbon and silicone oil-free. Use on paintwork, vinyl, chrome, glass, wheels, rubber and plastics. Apply by hand with the specially-developed NEO Honey Spider Hand Puck or machine-apply with a NEO Polisher and the NEO Spider Pad.

Regarding the universal sealing and caring performance, NEO is suitable for application on nearly every exterior surface. As a result, it provides time and money-saving benefits when taking care of your vehicle. It can even be applied to wet surfaces.

The 6-in-1 NEO advantage!

NEO replaces at least 6 vehicle care products:

  1. Plastic, vinyl and rubber care
  2. Paint sealant
  3. Glass cleaner
  4. Glass sealant
  5. Alloyed rim sealant
  6. Chrome care products

NEO can also be used on smooth surfaces around the home - including glass and ceramic.

Download NEO application advice here: NEO Instructions PDF

Size: 5L 

How should I prepare surfaces prior to applicaion of NEO Polymer Protection?

Before applying NEO Polymer Protection to your vehicle’s exterior, make sure it is clean and free of contamination. Wash and clean your vehicle thoroughly. Afterwards the surfaces can be sealed using the following steps (NEO can be applied to wet surfaces, therefore there is no need to dry prior to application).

How do I apply NEO Polymer Protection by hand?

NEO Polymer ProtectionTo seal unpainted plastics, vinyl, rubber and engine compartments, just spray on NEO Polymer Protection, ensuring it is evenly distributed over the surface to be treated, and leave for approximately 10 minutes – that’s it, job done! In case of extremely weathered plastics, we recommend that you repeat this procedure several times. Surrounding surfaces (eg paint) can also be sealed in a single step. Alternatively, if you prefer, just wipe the NEO haze off the surface using the Scholl Concepts Red MicroPLUS Cloth. Please note: Plastics, rubber, and vinyl surfaces all feature a permeable structure. To ensure that NEO creates a lasting and consistent gloss, please let it remain for some time on the surfaces to be sealed. Should you apply too much NEO on a surface, just use the Honey NEO Spider Hand Puck to distribute any excess liquid gently, in order to avoid any drips or wastage.

To seal paint, alloyed rims and chrome, just spray on NEO and apply it with the handy Honey NEO Spider Hand Puck in circular movements over the surface. After a short drying period, wipe off any residue using the Scholl Concepts Grey MicroPLUS microfibre cloth – that’s it!

To seal exterior glass surfaces, spray NEO Polymer Protection on the glass and surrounding surfaces like the window frame and rubber composition. Afterwards, distribute the liquid using low pressure with the Honey NEO Spider Hand Puck. Next, wipe off the residue from the treated surfaces using the Red MicroPLUS Cloth. Please note: There is no need to clean glass surfaces prior to application. When applying NEO on glass, it doesn’t matter if the application puck is polluted due to previous surface applications. Your windows will be extremely clean and film-free after application regardless.

The quality of NEO will be revealed when it rains. The water will instantly form little beads and run off your windows. The best way to gauge the quality of NEO sealant is to leave one little section of your window untreated – the comparison will clearly demonstrate the effect.

Once applied, NEO remains on the treated surfaces for several months.

NEO is NOT recommended for use on windscreens as heavy use of windscreen wipers can result in diminished durability within the affected area and the application of screenwash/anti-freeze chemicals from your wash bottle could affect the coating and result in smearing.  

How do I apply NEO Polymer Protection by machine?

In comparison to conventional car care products, NEO Polymer Protection is also suitable for time-saving mechanical applications. We recommend this way of working especially when using NEO for industrial application purposes. When using NEO with a polishing machine, please apply it to the surface by spraying. Then use a dual action (DA) orbital polishing machine, such as the NEO Orbital Polisher, together with the Honey NEO Spider Pad and start polishing using a medium speed gear. After polishing, remove any residue with the Scholl Concepts Grey MicroPLUS Cloth or, for glass surfaces, our Red MicroPLUS Cloth.

Feel free to use an orbital polishing machine (it doesn’t matter which cam it provides) with a Velcro-covered backing plate. Please do not use conventional foam pads for machine application. Foam pads without a spider perforation are often too dense or too soft and therefore not suitable for providing a deep and consistent gloss. By using an unsuitable foam, you may have to invest even more time to correct the finish afterwards.

How do I apply NEO Polymer Protection on interior surfaces?

Interior application of NEO Polymer Protection is very different to that of the exterior application described above. We DO NOT advise using the spray nozzle to apply NEO inside the vehicle.

To seal interior glass surfaces, spray NEO Polymer Protection directly onto the Honey NEO Spider Hand Puck and apply it to the inside of your windows. Please make sure that you avoid spraying NEO on surfaces (dashboard, door coverings, etc) that you don’t want to seal. Especially try to prevent having a soaking wet and dripping NEO Hand Puck inside the car.  

In the event of unintentionally spraying NEO on other surfaces, please wipe it off immediately using the Red MicroPLUS Cloth in combination with Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaner


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