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Ice Glass Cleaner Gel 500ml

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Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaner Gel is a heavy-duty cleaner with a distinctive, integrated rinse-down-stop effect. It has a high viscosity gel formula for intense, streak-free cleaning of glass and other smooth surfaces. Dissolves stubborn grime and seals with a protective polymer layer, ensuring interior build-up is prevented for longer. 

ICE is a unique and highly effective glass cleaning product and will not run off, even when sprayed on vertical surfaces, making it more effective and very economical to use.

Benefits include:

  • Highly effective cleaner with run-off stop effect
  • Dissolves stubborn grime on glass without streaking
  • Suitable for cleaning virtually all smooth surfaces
  • With integrated polymer sealing effect (Lotus flower effect) on application
  • Long-lasting prevention of new dirt build-up on glass surfaces
  • Protective polymer layer ensures the dirt build-up in interiors is prevented for longer


How do I apply ICE Glass Cleaner Gel?

Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaner Gel should be sprayed on the surfaces you want to clean and rubbed in a circular motion with a clean paper cloth or a Spautopia non-woven Disposable Polish Applicator Cloth. ICE evaporates on its own, leaving your glass surfaces clean and streak-free. ICE glass cleaner can easily be left a few minutes before wiping dry. A distinctive feature of ICE is its high viscosity – so it won’t run off even when sprayed in thick layers onto panes of glass.


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