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Van Shot Screen Wash with Rain Repellent

Van Shot Screen Wash with Rain Repellent

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Van Shot is a screen wash concentrate with rain repellent and mild anti-freeze to -4 degrees. It offers all the benefits of Spautopia's One Shot, but is designed for larger capacity washer tanks (vans, motorhomes, 4X4s, etc - check your vehicle's handbook for size specifications): one 250ml bottle makes up to 10 litres of screen wash with rain repellent.  

Van Shot cleans and applies a layer of microscopic beads, using AquaXpel microbead technology, to glass and wiper blades. This lubricates wipers, making them last longer as a result, and provides an 'easy-to-clean' effect so that insects, mud, snow and frost are easier to remove from a Van Shot-coated windscreen.

Van Shot forms a barrier that repels rain, sleet and snow (raindrops bead up and are simply blown away when driving), improving wet weather visibility and making driving safer. Studies have shown that using a rain repellent can enable drivers to recognise objects one second sooner at 60mph (1 second can equal 90ft of stopping distance)!

Using Van Shot is better for the environment - why purchase 5L plastic jerry cans of screen wash when a tiny 250ml bottle will do the same job. And, by purchasing a concentrated rather than a highly diluted traditional product, think of the reduction to the carbon footprint!

What's more, using Van Shot in your washer tank can cost as little as 41p per litre including the VAT!

Van Shot benefits - an at-a-glance guide:

How do I apply Van Shot to my windscreen?

Van Shot concentrate should be diluted with water in an empty washer tank - we do not recommend you add it to other types of screen wash already in your tank, as mixing it with other chemicals could affect our formulation. No preparation is required. Simply top up your empty washer tank with water*, leaving just enough room to add a 250ml Van Shot concentrate. Add the contents of your 250ml Van Shot bottle - job done. No mixing, measuring or mess!

*We recommend you fill your tank with water first, before adding Van Shot, to prevent the detergent foaming up in your washer tank and slowing up the refilling process.

Now, when you use your windscreen wiper and wash applicator, Van Shot screen wash with rain repellent will be applied to your windscreen.

Will rain repellent be instantly applied when I use my Van Shot screen wash?

Regular use of Van Shot enables more particles to attach to the screen and wipers, improving results with use and with every refill.

Can I apply Van Shot concentrate directly to my windscreen?

No, Van Shot is NOT a rain repellent coating. Van Shot is a screen wash containing detergent for cleaning your windscreen, AquaXpel Technology which applies a layer of microscopic beads leaving the surface water repellent, and a mild anti-freeze. It is not designed or formulated for application in the same way as a traditional rain repellent coating. However, when diluted in your washer tank and applied as directed, it will leave a hydrophobic finish to your windscreen.

How much screen wash does one 100ml bottle make?

A 250ml bottle of Van Shot will make up to 10 litres of screen wash. Most larger vehicle washer tanks are 7-10 litre capacity, however check your vehicle's manual for details as they can vary. For smaller capacity vehicle washer tanks (5 litres and under) use One Shot concentrate, which makes up to 5 litres of screen wash in a single use.  

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