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SP Wonderspray 500ml
SP Wonderspray 500ml
SP Wonderspray 500ml
SP Wonderspray 500ml
SP Wonderspray 500ml

SP Wonderspray 500ml

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 SP Wonderspray is a safe but high performance multi-purpose cleaner, ideal for vehicle interiors and exteriors, around the home, in the garage and workshop - and is a great favourite here at Spautopia! It has received a Commended award in the 2012 Auto Express Product Awards.

  • Approved by the aviation industry and the military, SP Wonderspray is gentle and water-based, yet can easily shift dirt, oil, grease and grime on a variety of surfaces such as door panels, leather, chrome, vinyl, plastics, metals, paintwork, UPVC.
  • It is highly effective on upholstery* and textiles*, eradicating marks and stains on car seats, roof liners, cushions, sofas, carpets, etc, without leaving water marks.
  • In your vehicles, SP Wonderspray removes shoe scuffs from door wells, lifts marks, dust and dirt from your dashboard and leaves surfaces with a natural finish. Around the home it's uses are endless!
  • Use SP Wonderspray for under-bonnet cleaning and as a water-based lubricant (ideal for use with detailing clay bars and fine abrasives). It can be used to soak stubborn fly impacts and hard-to-shift stains prior to shampooing for improved results.
  • In bodyshops it is used to remove polish residue and cleaning panels after polishing, for general purpose cleaning and as a lubricant for fine abrasives.
  • Use it as a polishing pad primer before compounding and spray it on foam, sponge or lambswool polishing pads to aid gentle yet effective cleaning by machine or hand.
  • SP Wonderspray is an invaluable addition to your car cleaning kit, garage, workshop and home. It has a multitude of uses on cars, bikes, vans, motorhomes, caravans and in the home.
  • Used and approved by the aviation industry. Approvals include: MOD, AQUAP-4 Edition2, British Airways, Boeing, RAF, USAF, Rolls Royce, Bristow and Westland Helicopters.

*As with all products recommended for textiles, carpets and upholstery, always check compatibility on the material to be cleaned. Spray a small amount onto an inconspicuous area and observe any changes to the material.

SP Wonderspray is available in 500ml trigger spray and 5L refill sizes.

Size: 500ml

SP Wonderspray lives up to its name and is a fantastic all-round product for vehicle use. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and materials and is amazingly easy and quick to use. Its ability to remove oily/greasy marks is impressive and it won’t break the bank.

Product Review

SP Wonderspray performed well in our tests, proving highly effective for a variety of applications. I found it particularly good for removing the oily film from the inside of car windows, although Spautopia doesn't even make specific claims for this.

Peter Sharpe
Editor/Caravan, Motorhome & Camping Mart

We are inundated with new Doc Holliday Snake Oil miracle products, promising to cure all automotive ills and it’s unusual to say the least when we try a product that does what it says and more. Wonderspray is THAT PRODUCT! Simple as that...

Steve Hole
Editor/Total Kit Car

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