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Dirt Eraser Sponge
Dirt Eraser Sponge
Dirt Eraser Sponge
Dirt Eraser Sponge
Dirt Eraser Sponge

Dirt Eraser Sponge

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Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts high performance Dirt Eraser Sponge removes stubborn dirt on vehicles without the need for strong, solvent-based cleaners. The unique abrasive nano-structure of the foam pad will allow easy removal of tough dirt from almost any surface. For use, simply moisten the sponge with water. Particularly applicable for alloy and steel rims, interior plastic parts, artificial leather, etc. Ideal for erasing set-in dirt, grime and insect contaminations.


Size: 13cm x 6cm x 3cm

Instructions for use

Spray the soiled area with water or a mild universal cleaner like SPAM or SP Wonderspray and wipe with the Dirt Eraser Sponge. Finally wipe surfaces dry with the soft Scholl Concepts Grey MicroPLUS cloth. On delicate surfaces such as car leather, chrome trims, etc, we recommend testing first on a hidden area. Not suitable for use on mirror-finish dark surfaces.


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