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Car System UV Filler Spray

Car System UV Filler Spray

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The Carsystem UV Filler is a UV-drying 1K Filler for the fast and economical repair. The filler is suitable for application on existing lacquer coatings (including thermoplastics acrylates, steel, aluminium, galvanized steel and polyester putty). Before application on plastic, it is necessary to spray a suitable plastic primer.

Size: 400ml

Colour: transparent/grey

Spray coats: 2 (recommended)

Flash-off time: 2 min (at 20°C)

Drying Time: 5 min. with Carsystem UV Lamp

Dry film thickness: 60-80 µM/Layer

Pot life: unlimited

For spot repair and smaller areas.

Recommended for the drying process with the Carsystem UV Lamps

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