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Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad 85mm
Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad 85mm
Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad 85mm

Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad 85mm

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Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad is an extra dense quality version of Scholl Concepts' standard SOFTouch TopWool Polishing range. These innovative pads combine the advantages of natural wool with those of a foam pad - maximum cut with optimum handling. These premium wool polishing pads have an extra interface layer for pressure control and adjustment to the surface to be polished. The result is a pad with the high cutting performance of a natural fibre pad combined with the usability of a foam pad.


When eliminating paint blemishes using the S17+ one-step compound, Scholl Concepts recommends the use a SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad for increased efficiency. The natural wool fibres contribute to quicker elimination of sanding marks and scratches of up to 30% compared to normal foam polishing pads. Plus, natural wool drastically reduces the amount of heat generated during polishing due to the heat absorbing characteristics of wool fibres.

Pad cut: Heavy (5-6/6)

Pad size: 85mm (Small) 

Which compounds should I use with Scholl Concepts Premium SOFTouch TopWool Pads?

The TopWool Pads are quite aggressive and can be used for removal of serious defects such as paint runs, dirt nibs, 1000 grit scratches, serious oxidisation and deep scratches. Excellent for use with S20 Blue, S3 Gold or S17+. There is likely to be some hazing or hologramming remaining after their use, but a simple second stage with a foam pad and a finishing pad will yield extremely good results.

Advice for professional users

When plastic surfaces are repaired, elastic clear-coat paints are used. To minimize heat generated during polishing on these temperature sensitive paints, the use of a natural fibre polishing pad is recommended. The innovative Premium SOFTouch TopWool Polishing Pad enhances the polishing of strongly tapered and curved plastic surfaces with a lasting finish.

Regular pad spurring (cleaning) is advised during use or swapping to fresh pads to prevent clogging, glazing and potential marring of the paint surface from spent compound.

When finishing heavily-weathered or even sanded gel-coat surfaces, Scholl Concepts recommends the use of the Premium TopWool Polishing Pads.

How should I clean my Premium SOFTouch TopWool Pads?

The pads can be machine or hand washed at a low temperature and left to air dry afterwards. We recommend a quick spray with SP Wonderspray prior to popping them in your machine or cleaning by hand - to aid the cleaning process.


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