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Black SOFTouch Waffle Polishing Pad 85mm
Black SOFTouch Waffle Polishing Pad 85mm
Black SOFTouch Waffle Polishing Pad 85mm

Black SOFTouch Waffle Polishing Pad 85mm

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Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts Black SOFTouch Waffle Foam Pad is an extremely fine and soft polishing pad with an extra interface layer for pressure control and adjustment to the surface to be polished.

Because of the softness of the foam, this pad can be compressed to as little as 3mm with minimum pressure. The harder orange foam interface layer enables holograms and micro-scratches to be polished out efficiently. The life of the pad is sustainably increased due to the innovative sandwich design.

Designed for functionality with intelligent detail - the recessed velour backing enables safe and comfortable polishing in hard-to-access areas while simultaneously preventing damage by the otherwise razor-sharp Velcro face of the back-up disc.

The Black SOFTouch Waffle is a finishing-type pad, suitable for use with medium to finishing compounds and polishes (with the exception of S40).

Suitable for use with dual action (DA) and rotary polishing machines.

Pad cut: Microfine (1/6)

Pad size: 85mm (Small)

Click here to download our compound and pad guide.

Which compounds should I use with Scholl Concepts Black SOFTouch Waffle Foam Pads?

Use for light defects or finishing with S17+, S30+ and A15+. Please note, this pad is NOT suitable for use with S40.

What's the difference between the Black Softouch Waffle and the Orange Foam Polishing Pads?

The fine-pored, relatively hard Orange Pad is a finishing AND polishing pad that achieves maximum gloss from the polishing compound due to the slightly firmer nature of the foam. In contrast, the super soft Black SOFTouch Waffle Pad has little mechanical cut and should be used for your final polishing step to extract maximum gloss, for defect-free paint. Its soft design ensures crisp hologram-free finishing with S17+, S30+ and A15+. It is NOT suitable for use with S40.

What paint types can I use it on?

The Black SOFTouch Waffle Foam Pad can finish your paint to perfection, especially on sensitive black paints that mark easily, as its mechanical cut is minimal. Scholl Concepts recommends its use with S17+ to eliminate swirl marks and haze on dark paints. 

This pad also works very well with S30+. Use on good condition paint where the defects are light or to remove hazing and light holograms from the previous stage of polishing.

How should I clean my Black SOFTouch Waffle Pads?

The pads can be machine or hand washed at a low temperature and left to air dry afterwards. We recommend a quick spray with SP Wonderspray prior to popping them in your machine or cleaning by hand - to aid the cleaning process.


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